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Travel / 29.06.2017

Venus, The Goddess of Love, was born in Sicily. And her presence is still palpable on this utterly romantic island! Sicily is a little country unto itself, as cosmopolitan and quirky, multi-cultural and multi-dimensional as its history which was peppered by the legacies of the Asians, Africans and Europeans. Here the seavents its fury against a mountainous land whose finest icon is Mt Etna, endearing and forbidding at the same time. With a vast reservoir of history, art, architecture and delectable Sicilian cuisine, this island attracts everyone from budget travelers to the rich and famous throughout the year. Palermo, the largest city, revolves around the Quattro Canti which is crammed with artistic mar vels like the Palazzo dei Normanni or the Church of the Martorana, with its exquisite belfry. San Giorgio dei Genovesi is a rare example of Sicilian Renaissance and the Oratorio di San Lorenzo is a masterpiece of Sicilian Rococo. The exquisite Arab-Norman styled cathedral in II Capo is a must-see, while wandering aimlessly down the souk-like streets of La Kalsa is an absorbing experience. Hop over to Museo Internazionale delle Marionette that houses 3,000 puppets and shadow figures from all over the world. The bizarre Catacombe dei Cappuccini...