Grand National Concierge | 4 Tips on Planning a Tropical Island Vacation
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4 Tips on Planning a Tropical Island Vacation

4 Tips on Planning a Tropical Island Vacation

The year is coming to an end, and to celebrate, you’re going on a vacation. But wait! Before packing away your swimwear, let us help you smoothly transition from cold winter days to warm paradise nights. These are our tips and tricks to ensure an enjoyable and stress-free vacation.


Set a Budget

A practical budget is the key to keeping your tropical island vacation easy and breezy. Calculate all your expected expenses, which may include hotel accommodations, outdoor activities, new clothing, and travel insurance. Add a couple hundred dollars to your final total as an emergency fund.

Create a budget far in advance. Six months to a year before your trip is ideal, but starting to save at least three or four months ahead of a trip should be enough time to reach your budget goal. Pay for the biggest and most important expenses first.


Pick a Destination

View your budget as a guide to help narrow your vacation search. To save on your trip, book it during a bad weather season, or when tourism is at a low. The best deals for certain islands are during their rain seasons. Being on a beautiful sunny haven during a rainstorm might seem like a nightmare, but you’ll save a lot of money. Additionally, most likely it won’t rain the entire vacation, so you can still enjoy the sun and beach.

Winter time is prime tropical island season, especially in places with a huge influx of tourists, like islands in Hawaii. Therefore, if the season doesn’t matter, wait until summer to vacation in a sunny resort.

Eliminate a little travel frustration by avoiding places known to draw tourist. These places are often overcrowded, they hike prices, and lack the authentic feel that other locations generate.

For help with your search, read Travel and Leisure’s list of affordable island vacations.


Shop for Trip

Write a list of all the tropical vacation essentials, such as beach attire, totes, towels, and, etc.. Check a trusted weather website for the predicted weather conditions for that area during your stay. This helps you figure out what to buy and pack for your trip. To be cautious, always pack a durable umbrella in case of rain.

Buy travel size versions of all your toiletries. Check the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website for the rules on traveling with liquids. Lower your traveling expense bills by using coupons at major retailers, like II Bean. These coupons end up saving you hundreds.



Roll up your clothing: this packing method saves space and keeps clothing wrinkleless. Pack anything important in your carry-on bag, because luggage often gets lost or delayed. Store in your carry on important documents like your passport, a few pieces of clothing, and toiletries.

If you’re planning to go on the trip for a special reason, such as a wedding or anniversary, make sure anything you need for that event is also in your carry-on luggage. Pack extra towels, sunglasses, swimsuits, and bug spray. You’ll definitely encounter bugs in tropical locations, especially mosquitoes, so keep at least a small bottle of spray around.

Research the island’s customs ensure that you dress and behave in a manner that respects the islanders’ culture.

Now that you have read these tips, go enjoy those sunny nights.

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